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Have you heard of Twitch is a live-streaming platform used to showcase your talents and personality online to real viewers in real time. While Twitch is famously known for it’s gaming community, musicians around the world are also using the platform to share their music and grow their audience. It is an incredible platform that can allow artists, musicians, and producers to raise brand awareness, promote their projects, increase their audience, and fund their recording projects via viewer donations and subscriptions.

Let me tell you how Twitch has changed my life. As a Toronto-based artist , I was recording and releasing new music and performing at open mics, but was struggling to find my audience. While I was active on social media and constantly promoting my projects, my follower numbers had plateaued and I rarely saw any conversion onto Spotify. My royalties were dismal and I was desperately seeking a new way to grow my audience and music career. 

Then I started my own Twitch channel. After eight months of performing online three to four times a week, I have found an incredible online community who supports me and my music! My social media numbers have doubled (and even tripled on some platforms!). My Spotify stream and follower numbers have increased substantially -- my community was counting down the days to my most recent single, and they streamed and shared it so much it now has almost 10000 Spotify streams! I am self employed, and preparing to launch my first line of merchandise (at the request of my amazing community!). I've had so many talented people from around the world reach out to me to collaborate on musical projects, and I've even had a San Francisco-based app hire me to perform on their live music app on a regular basis. I'm living out my dream of being an independent artist, with the help of my incredible community!

Check out my guest post on Pop of Colour Music, where I discuss why Twitch is an amazing platform for musicians!

It wasn't that hard to find my audience and grow my artist brand with Twitch; there are so many Twitch viewers who are literally seeking out new music and undiscovered artists, and currently the talent is not very saturated. The challenge? Understanding the highly technical live streaming setup, and creating a clear plan you can follow to lead you to success!


Do you think Twitch could help you? Do you want to learn more about the platform? I am now offering consultation services for artists wishing to set up a Twitch channel. 

Consultation Package

Are you confident you can handle Twitch’s technical setup, but would like some guidance on strategies to grow your channel? No worries! I am available for three-hour consultations, in person or via skype. We can focus on your needs, and help you get on track. Includes a 16 page Twitch guide created just for musicians!

Full Set-up Package

Want to set up Twitch, but not really sure how to do it for yourself? I will help you set up and grow your channel from scratch. From channel branding, to your open broadcasting setup, I will walk you through everything you need, from start to finish. Includes a 16 page Twitch guide created just for musicians! *Toronto artists only

Now is the perfect time for musicians to hop onto Twitch! While the online streaming platform is highly saturated with game-related content, the Music and Performing Art section is much less saturated, and not difficult to break into and build an audience.


Want to learn more about how Twitch can help you? Get in touch to book a free 1 hour consultation!  


Melissa Lamm      

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