Hey! Thanks so much for checking out my 20K follower page!
I wanted to do something really special to celebrate hitting 20K followers on Twitch and I thought the most fun way to celebrate would be including some super awesome members of our community! I'd love to use your video in my upcoming 20K celebration stream on Monday, September 27th, and if you're interested in participating in the stream you can upload your video below. By uploading, please note that your consenting to your video being used during my Twitch livestream, Twitch VOD, and you are consenting to your video being reposted in any social media. These videos will be projected onto a wall behind me during the livestream, and broadcasted on my Twitch channel. Melissa Lamm reserves the right to not feature any videos deemed inappropriate. The audio will not be used, just the video!

If you consent, please upload a link to a video or videos of yourself either singing along to my recordings or "playing along" with any other instrument to any or all of the songs below:






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