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postcard mondays

Want to win a signed + personalized postcard from ME!?!?!


Want to read some new lyrics to a song that isn't even out yet...but will be later this year!?!?


I've got around 40 postcards to give away, and I'll be giving away a few every Monday from now until I run out. During each Monday stream I will cue an onstream alert which will tell you that postcards are available. When that happens you'll be able to unlock a real postcard that I will actually send to you with your Twitch channel points.


Here's how it will work.

  • During a Monday stream an alert will go off telling you it's GO TIME

  • At that time rush to your channel points to redeem a signed postcard

  • I'll only be giving away a limitted number of postcards each Monday (and I'll let you know how many each Monday stream). If you try to redeem a postcard but are a little late on the draw you will be refunded your channel points (so -- if I'm giving away 5 postcards that day, the first 5 people to redeem a postcard will win - everyone after that will be refunded their channel points)

  • If you win a postcard - I'll send you a whisper asking you to fill in your mailing address and info!

  • I'll send you a postcard signed with a little note + a number and short lyric from an unreleased, upcoming single

  • When you receive your postcard in the mail add your number and lyric to the #postcard-monday discord channel! Each number corresponds to a line number in the song -- so it's really important you don't forget to add yours!

  • When you guys piece together all the numbers, you'll unlock the lyrics to my new song. postcard per person!

...if you redeem a postcard, please please please don't forge to add it to the #postcard-monday discord

Tune in to my stream on Mondays to win yours <3

Good luck and good day XO


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