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Grow your music career on Twitch!

Indie artists, I want to help you! Over the last 4 years, I have been live-streaming musical performances over Twitch and have grown a community of over 24,000 followers from around the globe. I've turned my passion for music into a full time music career, and now I want to help you do the same. 

Whether you are just launching your stream or have an active following, I’m here to help. Book a 1-on-1 one coaching session catered specifically to your needs. I can teach you about Twitch and how to get started, or help you grow your existing online community and improve your Twitch channel. Do you have questions about how to release your own music, or grow your audience, or how to launch a single or EP? I'm happy to chat with you and help you understand the opportunities that exist for independent musicians online, and the next steps that you can take to create a sustainable music career.

Are you ready to grow your music career? 

Twitch has opened up my career in ways that I never thought possible. Using the Twitch platform, I've found an audience for my music, I've been able to fund all my musical projects, and most importantly, it has allowed me to pursue music full time. Through coaching, I want to empower musicians to find the same kind of success that I’ve had.


  • Earn money and learn how to fund your musical projects using Twitch;

  • Understand how to craft a brand that people want to connect with;

  • Grow a thriving community of listeners; and,

  • Learn how to connect to opportunities in the broader music industry.

What you get with a coaching session

  • 1-hour of live coaching with Melissa (via Skype or Discord) catered to your specific goals and interests;

  • A chance to ask specific questions about Twitch, your Twitch channel, or your music career

  • For your first session: I'll do a deep dive on your Twitch channel and recent VODs, and give you a detailed list of notes and suggestions for how you can level up your stream


Pricing per session

  • First Session: $75.00 CAD, plus applicable taxes

  • After First Session: $60 CAD, plus applicable taxes

The music industry has many barriers and gatekeepers, but using Twitch, you don’t need a label to release music, you don’t need to record in a fancy studio for your song to blow up, and you don’t need a huge marketing budget to reach listeners. You can do this, and I can help!

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My name is Melissa Lamm, and I am an independent singer, songwriter, and producer based in Toronto, Canada. Since my debut on Twitch in 2018, I have reached hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe. My dreamy, stripped down piano and vocal performances have made my channel a destination in Twitch’s music category.

My exposure through Twitch has helped me reach my goals as an indie artist, and has opened the door to amazing opportunities. I've grown an incredible online community who supports my independent releases. I've earned over 400,000 streams on Spotify, and some of my songs have been signed to labels like Universal Music MENA, Paradise Music Group, and Chapter EIGHT. I've had songs placed in Spotify Editorial playlists like New Music Friday Canada and Spotify Fresh Finds: Pop, and later this year I'll be a featured artist in Prime Video's Gamebreakers Season 2. You may have seen me chatting about Twitch for musicians in my editorial for Canadian Musician Magazine, speaking at Indie Week online music conference, or in Pop of Colour. 

Meet your coach!

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Melissa was so knowledgeable and kind. She had really taken the time to get to know my channel and reviewed it with me thoughtfully and in great detail. She had excellent resources and actionable steps to recommend. I found her session extremely helpful and I will be utilizing her again as my channel grows! Thank you Melissa!

-Emily Henry

My session with Melissa helped me really improve my channel's vibe (which is everything), find creative ways to share and promote my original music with my community, and understand what works and what doesn't for musicians on Twitch, and I'm already seeing so much improvement

-Malayka Music

Melissa has a lot of experience, she's incredibly professional, thoughtful and objective. She managed to give me a new direction to my channel and now I feel very inspired and excited. I can't stress enough how much feeback she gave me and they were all spot on.

-Bruno Ito

Melissa's coaching is a wonderful opportunity if you want to know more about Twitch and music business world. The advice she gives is targeted and practical and now know exactly where I can improve.

-Alessia Selini

as seen in:

Melissa’s advice was helpful to identify the areas that our stream could grow and in ways that were achievable and relatable for our specific needs! I appreciate her knowledge and experience

-Hayley Wilson

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