Pop music has always been Melissa Lamm’s passion. As a child growing up in Ottawa, ON, Melissa would spend hours learning to play her favorite songs on the piano by ear. “I literally learned new songs note by note,” says Melissa. “I’d have two pairs of headphones on, one connected to my keyboard and one to my walkman. I would pause and play the walkman every second or so until I could find the note on the keyboard.” 

Now at 25 years old, Melissa is a singer, songwriter, and recording artist based in Toronto, ON. The pop songstress is a classically trained pianist and a graduate of Carleton University's Music and English programs. She combines her background in classical music theory with her passion for pop to create catchy songs with effortless prose. Her music takes influence from some of her favorite artists, including Zedd, Lights, Astrid S, and Owl City.

Melissa has been working hard in the studio and performing around Toronto. She recently graced Toronto’s legendary Rivoli stage, was featured on Ditto Music’s Spotify playlists, and was included in Shifter Magazine’s Creator series. You can also find Melissa performing online for her growing international audience on Twitch.TV, and on the Beat Fever App.

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